Celebrating Childhood Everyday!


"Choosing a day care provider for our two children has been one of the most difficult parenting decisions we’ve had.  It’s not easy to be away from your children a majority of the day, and entrust that they will receive the attention and care that you yourself would give.  That being said, we are very happy at the Carroll Area Child Care Center, or ‘School’ as our kids refer to it.  We can definitely see them developing strong social and motor skills as they engage in the daily activities and play with friends.  The flexibility of hours is also a nice benefit for those days when we need to be at work earlier or later than normal.  If you are looking for daycare services, I would recommend checking out CACCC and their wonderful staff! " - Kevin Milligan

"We have been lucky to have such great teachers at the daycare center.  It makes it easier to leave in the morning when your child is excited to go see her friends and teachers! It is also exciting to see them learning new songs, dances, and seeing them play in the motor skills room.  The daycare centers flexible hours are also a huge plus, and one of the reasons we chose them over other daycare options." - Michelle Sturm

"Picking a child care provider for our first born was a daunting task. We were certain that an in-home provider would be the best option but with little luck finding what we were looking for, we decided to look at the CACCCP. Almost 3 years later and with 2 kids now at the center, we are so happy with our decision. We love the daily structure and routine our children follow and the social skills they pick up from interacting with the teachers and other kids all day. Choosing the CACCCP was one of the best decisions we have made for our children!"  - Crystal Scott